Frequently Asked Questions


I'm having problems getting my order to go through.

In order for the shopping cart system to work you will need to have your cookies enabled. To do this go to tools on your browser. Then go to internet options. At the top privacy is listed you will need to click there and move the bar until it says accept all cookies. Your order should go through fine now, if it does not or you are getting a error message send us an email and we will address it for you.


Do your computers come assembled?

All the computers we sell come assembled and tested. All you will need to do is load your OS or if you purchase it from us your computer will come ready to go out of the box.


I just ordered a computer when can I expect it to arrive?

All our PC’s are custom built. Orders will ship 5-7 business days after order received. If for any reason there is a delay we will send you an email and let you know.


Are all the parts on your custom builders compatible?

Yes we have designed each builder so that the parts are all compatible. We also review each order after it is placed and we will email you if we see any possible issues. If you are not sure on a configuration send us an email and we will be glad to help.


Is their an operating system installed in the computer?

Unless stated, no OS is installed. On our customize page we offer Windows 10 Home and Professional. If purchased the OS will come installed with DVD, manual and COA. If you are not familiar with the installation of an operating system we suggest you purchase one with your system.


If I order a PC will I receive a confirmation of order and shipment?

Once your order has been received we will email you the invoice with your order details. Once the package has been sent you will also receive a Tracking number. If for any reason you do not receive these please email us and will will send you the information promptly.

Warranty and Support

Techsupport is available seven days a week via email at You can expect answers to your questions within 1 hour of your email during business hours Mon-Fri, and within 12 hours on weekends. Techsupport via Phone (800-450-4718) is avaiable Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm CST.

Before emailing our technical support please review our Technial Support FAQ’s below to see if your problem can be solved there. Please remember, that customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Warranty - Full Warranty Information
  1. All systems built by carry a lifetime  labor and support and a 1 year  parts warranty described herein   *Items sold prior to 9/1/2020 have a 3 year parts and labor warranty.
  2. All warranties are valid from the original purchase date.
  3. All PC’s are custom built and are built upon receipt of payment; allow 5-7 business days for PC to be built and 1-4 business days for delivery.
  4. The buyer by accepting the goods described in the invoice agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.
  5. Buyer must inspect package thoroughly and report any damage that occurred during shipment within 2 business days of receipt.
  6. There is a 30 day Money Back Guarantee for all products returned (restocking fee of 10% applies on non-defective units).
  7. If an item arrives and does not work we will email a FedEx return label and replace the item at no cost.
  8. A 10% restocking fee will be charged on all non-defective merchandise returned for a refund within the first 30 days. Shipping is non-refundable.
  9. Warranty is void if not returned in original packages.
  10. Warranty excludes “Acts of God” causes of damage, i.e. lightning, storms, dropping or mishandling the product, and other accidental causes.
  11. Buyer pays shipping on all returned merchandise even if returned for repair and must also insure all items shipped back.  eCollegePC pays for shipping back to the customer.
  12. Advanced replacement available for certain items such as motherboards, optical drives and memory. Deposit will be required and refunded upon the receipt of defective item. Email us for more details.
  13. If replacement is not available reserves the right to replace the part with an item of equal or greater value. If no equal product is available the buyer may upgrade a nominal cost.
  14. accepts no liability for any employee, flyer, advertisement, or article that may misinterpret or misrepresent such items including without limitations any product, service or system that is sold or repaired by anyone at
  15. Warranty is void without Invoice.
  16. All returns for refund must be in original resaleable packaging with all original manuals and software.
  17. All items returned for service will be repaired with subject to availability of parts and shipped returned to the customer.

Technical Support FAQ’s

Please read if you are having any problems setting up your computer or any questions. If your question can’t be answered then send us an email to

Expect a response within an hour on weekdays and 12 hours on weekends.

I purchased a computer without an operating system like Windows so what do I need to do.

The computers we sell come ready to boot from a Windows 10 DVD or USB Stick.  To install just place your DVD in the DVD Drive or USB Flash Drive in the USB Port and restart your computer.  The computer will then boot from your DVD or USB Drive and start the installation process.  The DVD needs to be a full version and Microsoft original, copies from other manufacturers won’t work and are not allowed by Microsoft.  Once Windows is installed you will need to run the drivers CD’s to load the drivers for the video, sound and Ethernet.

I have installed Windows on my new computer but I am not getting any Sound from my speakers, my video is scrolling slow, and my Internet connection will not work.

You need to install the drivers for your devices.  First you will need to run your motherboard CD to install the drivers for your sound, Ethernet, and video if your video is onboard.  Then run the VGA drivers CD to install the drivers for your video card and if you have a Wireless card you will need to install the drivers for it from the wireless driver CD.

I started to load Windows and it is saying no harddrive attached.

More than likely the serial ATA cable that connects the harddrive to the computer or the serial ATA power cable came loose during shipping.  To fix you will need to open the side of the case and make sure the cable is plugged firmly into both the motherboard and the harddrive then make sure the power cable going into the harddrive is also firmly attached.

Computer will not boot from the DVDRW Drive.

The power or sata cable may have came loose during shipping.  You will need to open the side of the case and make sure that there is a serial ata cable and power cable both firmly plugged into the drive.  Then make sure the sata cable is firmly plugged into the motherboard.

I just turned on my computer and the fans are spinning but no video is coming on the screen.

If you are not getting any video then first make sure your monitor is plugged into the correct spot.  On some systems we sell they have both onboard video and a video card.  If this is the case then you must have the video cable plugged into the video card and not the onboard adapter since it will be disabled.

I just pushed the power button on the computer and nothing happened.

First check and make sure the switch on the back of the case is set to the on position.  After that is done press the power button on the front of the case.   If that does not work then it is possible that a power cable inside the case came loose.  You will need to open the side of the case and make sure that both the 20 pin ATX connector and the 4 pin ATX connector from the power supply are firmly secured to the motherboard.  In rare cases these can come loose during shipping.

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